Magda Hotel Club health and safety guidelines for a safe and happy holiday!

Taking into consideration the changes and the circumstances that have been created because of Covid-19, Magda Hotel Club has set as a priority the health and safety of our guests, staff and public health.

We are ready to welcome you in our hotel under healthy and safe conditions!

The measures we applied to prevent Covid-19 in our hotel are:

-The hotel has acquired the ‘Health First’ certification by the Greek ministry of Tourism.
-An action plan has been created and a team has been set up to preserve this.
-We collaborate with the local medical center which is near the hotel.
-The reception of the hotel has a laser thermometer.
-All the necessary distances should be kept by hotel staff and guests.
-Hotel’s staff has been trained and certificated in all new official protocols that have been created and will
continue to be trained with the new regulations that may come up.

-Hotel's staff is following all current laws and regulations established by Greek government and is getting tested regularly.


-Guests should keep distance of 2 meters, families are excluded so as friends who live in the same room.
-Safe distance indicators/signs have been placed on the floor.
-Check in and check out hours have been modified: Check out 11am and Check in 3pm; since the added time is necessary to ensure that the room has been cleaned and disinfected fully between two different stays.
-Check in is done wireless to avoid distributing registration cards.
-Registration cards are only given in special occasions where our guest cannot use electronic equipment.
-The keys will be disinfected after each stay and before the distribution to our new guests.
-Payments preferable by credit cards.

-Signs are placed in all public areas to inform our guests about the regulations.
-Disinfectant dispensers have been placed in all public areas.
-A strict and frequent cleaning will be done in all public areas of the hotel paying special attention in places
such as door handles, toilets etc.

-Disinfectant dispensers are placed in every entry and exit.
-Signs with the maximum accepted occupancy and information boards, about the correct way of personal hygiene and all the regulations that be in effect, are placed in the hotel’s areas.
-Arrangement of tables, table seats and services are according to the current health protocols.
-Nuts, chips and popcorn will not be available.

-Safe distance indicators/signs are placed on the floor.

-Self-service buffet, equipped with sneeze guards, with he use of protection gloves.

-All group activities, sports, shows and games will be performed only with the acceptable social distancing, occupancy, hygienic protocols and guidelines as issued by WHO and Greek Covid law.
-The Indoor mini club, fitness room, sauna and jacuzzi will stay closed; our outdoor mini club will be open.

-It is highly recommended for guests to take a shower before and after entering the outdoor swimming pools.
-Sunbeds have been placed in a way that guests who are under two different umbrellas will have a 2-meter distance.
-Sunbeds will be cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day.

-Housekeeping staff and equipment will follow all the hygienic protocols established by Greek law.

We would like to thank you for your attention to our new measures.
We are looking forward to welcome you in our hotel.

Best regards,
Magda Hotel Club.


Some of the regulations mentioned above may be renewed or changed.

Regulations that have not been mentioned in this document may apply if it is found necessary.